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Or are we just building networks for the sake of showing off a large number of contacts?

Back to Basics: Considerations for Creating Sales Training

I urge salespeople to continue with the fundamental basics that still give a real return and integrate, where appropriate, sales push and pull strategies. Does this mean ignore social media? Not at all.

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It means we need to put it into perspective. Remember, everybody lives by selling something. Sue is a selling better strategist and advisor, sales philosopher and speaker, sales trainer and coach, writer and activist. Barrett develops sales strategies, standards and education that help people and businesses sell better. SmartCompany is the leading online publication in Australia for free news, information and resources catering to Australia's entrepreneurs, small and medium business owners and business managers. Monday to Friday, SmartCompany. This is why I want to get back to sales basics.

As I wade through all of the information on social media, I predominantly want to get answers to a few simple questions: How can it help make us better quality sales? How can it help forge better relationships with our clients?

How can it help us be more effective and competitive in the marketplace? How can it support our business strategy and make our lives easier work smarter not harder? How can it support our brand and increase visibility? The generational landscape is shifting. Baby Boomers are retiring with their basic skills.


Back to Basics: 3 Behaviors for Success | Sales Strategies

Millennials are replacing Boomers, but they need to develop their basic skills. The skills void is happening for a few reasons. Millennials are faced with higher unemployment, which means they are not developing basic skills. Millennials are not working the part-time summer jobs previous generations did, the platform for learning basics skills.

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Companies must shift their focus to more basic training methods to ramp-up Millennials. The Great Recession has created record levels of job-switching, unemployment, and underemployment. This trend is most noticeable in sales and service professions.

Sales and service jobs have been the only positions available through this Great Recession. There is an entire generation of sales and service professionals who lack sales and service basics. According to a recent survey, conducted by Tom Reilly Training, the top six skills B2B that salespeople want to develop are…. These are basic B2B sales skills. Companies become more successful by focusing on sales and service basics.

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Sales and service basics are simple and universal. Regardless of language, culture, generation, product, or industry, sales and service basics are the key to any successful business. Sales and service professionals need these basic skills. We brand these basic business skills as Sales and Service Sales and Service is about getting back to your basics of business. Regardless of the industry, product, or service, your company sells a solution and serves a customer. The message is simple and easy to execute. Sales and Service is designed for the field, not just the classroom.

Sales Training

Everything you learn can be applied from day one. In Service , the focus is on delivering service the customer wants. The customer service process is simple, but it takes commitment. We all serve customers, directly or indirectly. In Service , you learn the ten tactics to serve your customers better. The Sales and Service philosophy is to sell customers the solution they need and give them the service they want. Customer needs exist on two levels, business and personal. Are there too many trick plays?

Trick plays occasionally work.