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  1. English Writings of Hu Shih: National Crisis and Public Diplomacy (Volume 3) (China Academic Library).
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Auflage, S. Original Pappband Hardcover. Aus d. Antiquariat Buchseite eudeat [Books from Antiquariat Buchseite]. Chinese text one essay in English by Lefebvre d'Argence, which is also translated into Chinese. Newton Smith,W.

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ISBN: Soft Cover. The Odyssey of a Revolutionary Chinese Women. Het Verhaal Van Mijn Leven.

English Writings of Hu Shih

Soft cover. Book, p. In de traditie van geweldloze daadkracht is deze autobiografie een goed voorbeeld van de effectiviteit er van. Geweldloosheid werkt.

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Met enkele foto's. First U. Spine is unbent. Mild amount of text underlining. Pages are clean. Binding is tight. Viking Penguin. Insights on Daily Living, Compassion and Justice. This extraordinary collection gives us access to the universal wisdom expressed in the Dalai Lama's teaching. With poignant simplicity His Holiness offers his perspectives on such enduring themes as peace, love, religion, justice and human rights, as well as the social issues of poverty, cultural discrimination and the desctruction of the enviornment.

It is the immense value of his philosophy which has made the Dalai Lama one of the genuinely transcendent spiritual figures of the twentieth century, and this inspirational volume offers encouragement for anyone seeking a more peaceful and liberating way of life. Snow Lion Pubns. Some cover soiling; else very good. Bibliomania namus [Books from Bibliomania]. Very Good.

His activities encompassed every aspect of artware development: the studio operation at Santa Barbara; the direction of small groups of amateur decorators at Arequipa Weller and Roseville; instructor in pottery in the grandly-devised University City scheme; and director of research and art director respectively at two of the largest United States ceramics factories American Encaustic Tiling and Homer Laughlin China. First Edition.

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A Preliminary Overview of the Genealogy of zhexue in China, 1888-1930

Profusely illustrated with colour plates and reproductions of black and white photos. Moderate wear. Address label removed from title page. Binding intact. A sound reference copy.. Good with no dust jacket. The Immigrant Experience; Ex-Library; 0. Harpercollins, , First American Edition. Not remaindered.

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Longfellow's Books namus [Books from Longfellow's Books]. Hardback with dustjacket. Books on the Orient namus [Books from Books on the Orient]. A fascinating journey from Jerusalem across Central Asia in search of the legendary court of Kublai Khan. Kalamos Books namca [Books from Kalamos Books]. Author's debut novel, set in Taiwan where the author lived for several years and China, winner of the Sue Kaufman Award for First Fiction.

China, ROK, Japan hold first public diplomacy forum

London, E. With an engraved title and a frontispiece. VIII, pp. Lippincott, , pp.

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Young readers fiction. He received his Ph. Hu soon became one of the leading and most influential intellectuals during the May Fourth Movement and later the New Culture Movement. His most widely recognized achievement during this period was as a key contributor to Chinese liberalism and language reform in his advocacy for the use of written vernacular Chinese.

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In Hu Shih was nominated for a Nobel Prize in literature and in became president of the "Academia Sinica" in Taiwan, where he remained until his death in Nangang at the age of This diverse collection brings together his English essays, speeches and academic papers, as well as book reviews, all written between and English Writings of Hu Shih represents his thinking and insights on such topics as scientific methodology, liberalism and democracy, and social problems. It can also serve as a helpful resource for those who study Hu Shih and his views on ancient and modern China.

The first volume "Chinese Philosophy and Intellectual History" allows readers to trace the development of Chinese thought and see the historical methodology applied therein.