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vague imitation of one of her mother's gestures and twisted to see if her . He made another futile stab at the paper and his wife tossed it angrily into the next keeping the robot until Gloria is older and I don't want the subject brought up again. of the first talking robots when it looked as if the use of robots on Earth would.

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She seems to dislike his habit of "trading" things without asking, and does not appreciate the attentions he gives her, such as calling her honey or darling.

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Wayne ignored these objections for a very long time, until eventually giving her a notebook saying that he would stop showing so much affection. Soon after this interaction, he was found "snogging" MeLaan , a Kandra , during a gunfight. Wayne saved MeLaan's life by recovering her spikes from Telsin , who had previously removed them.

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Haggard from grief due to MeLaan's predicament and the alleged death of Waxillium, Wayne used Wax's shotgun on Telsin, knowing that her gold metalminds would heal her. It is unclear if Wayne's surmounting of his gun-phobia was temporary or not. As a Bloodmaker , Wayne can store health at the price of being unwell. He can tap into his stores later to heal wounds. As long as Wayne has an adequate storage of health, he can recover from any wounds that aren't immediately lethal, such as curing poison, regrowing fingers, and surviving bullet wounds.

He prefers to fill his metalminds all at once by spending weeks sick in bed instead of traveling around while slightly sick. As a Slider , Wayne can form a "speed bubble" around himself, speeding up time for anyone inside it. Anything moving from one side to the other, like a bullet, will be slightly thrown off course by the edge of the bubble. Using one nugget of bendalloy Wayne can compress two minutes of time into approximately fifteen external seconds.

Wayne often used speed bubbles to converse in private, change in to a disguise or engage in a fight uninterrupted. Wayne's preferred method of fighting is to move in close to one opponent, create a speed bubble, and use his dueling canes for a close quarters one on one.

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After beating his opponent he will drop the bubble and leap to the next one, starting the process over again. He seems adept at fighting, even against men with guns, though he does get shot on occasion, making his healing abilities extremely useful during combat. Wayne is talented at disguising himself using various costumes and voices, and has been able to pose as various races, ages, and genders.

He is a master at picking up accents and considers it the only thing he is allowed to steal. Technical Specs.


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Season 2 Episode All Episodes Lloyd Malone never forgot how he lost the use of his gun arm at Wichita against Dan Troop. When he tries to use his son's gun hand against him, Dan decides to even the score. Director: Robert Sparr. Writers: Margaret Armen story , Edmund Morris teleplay. Added to Watchlist Add to Watchlist. New York Comic Con And Rachel is quite content in her solitary world as she creates garments for both the most respectable women in town and for Miss Rose LaRosa and her girls. Wyatt Cooper is a man of many talents who is satisfied serving in the capacity of town sheriff in a community with little serious crime.

The easygoing Wyatt exudes a mellow confidence and is deliberate in his actions, even when he appears to just be taking one of his regular naps in front of his office. Startled to find out that Wyatt knows of her relationship with Maddox, Rachel is distressed further when Wyatt informs her of the written agreement he had with Maddox to oversee the construction of her home before Rachel was even aware she was moving to Reidsville and to look after her once she arrived in town.

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A strong character trait shared by Rachel and Wyatt is that of determination. And this is one woman who wants to be in charge of everything. The most pleasing aspect of the book for me by far was the sigh-worthy lawman.