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Piecing together the evidence, it seems that Satan was created as an angel. There is quite a bit of mystery here that we simply cannot know or understand, but it seems wise for us to be careful about speculating beyond those basic facts. He is not a competing god. You can get the whole ebook for free during the month of October. Find out how on our Facebook page. Mike McKinley is the author of Passion, Did the devil make me do it?

How the Serpent Became Satan

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Has Satan been given dominion over the earth until Jesus returns? If so, why was he given this authority?

Our first knowledge of Satan is derived from the temptation account in Genesis. Numerous attempts to refute the historicity of this narrative have been attempted. Professor Melancthon Jacobus speaks to this very point:. Here, where the facts speak, further explanations are not necessary, nor fitted to the time of the beginning.

The reference may be to this event. Almost all the Asiatic nations hold the serpent to be a wicked being that has brought evil into the world. Some have sought to turn this history of the temptation into an allegory.

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Some have claimed a contradiction between this passage and 2 Samuel where it is stated that Jehovah moved David to number Israel. There is no discrepancy, however, for a combining of the verses simply shows how God employed Satan as the agent to punish His people for their sins.

Satan is given more prominence in the book of Job than in any other Old Testament book. No less than fourteen times he is mentioned in the first two chapters.

Satan: Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know, But Were Afraid To Ask

Again, modernism has attempted to explain away these historical incidents. Satan appears as an adversary of Joshua the high priest in Zechariah , 2. Joshua, clothed with filthy garments that symbolized the sins of the whole nation of which he was the representative stood before the messenger of Jehovah. Satan was at his right hand cf. Enough is given though to warrant the conviction that he is truly a malicious being. The New Testament brings into full focus his anti-godly designs.

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The following New Testament references will suffice to underscore our previous affirmations regarding the unscrupulous intent of the Adversary of God and man. As the serpent seduced Eve Gen. Had the devil succeeded in causing Christ to sin, the Lord could not have served as the spotless sin offering 2 Pet. Disease, infirmity and death are ultimately the responsibility of Satan.

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By his introduction of sin into the world, he brought about such woes and hence, he is really the murderer of the human family cf. This is why it is said that a certain Jewish woman, who had been afflicted with an infirmity for eighteen years, was bound of Satan Lk. The New Testament represents the devil as a deadly foe of the apostles of Christ, who by their saving message, opposed his work. It must ever be remembered, though, that the devil can only do what he is permitted to do by God. This will be discussed later in more detail. Additionally, when Ananias lied and misrepresented the amount of his gift to the early church, Peter inquired:.