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vague imitation of one of her mother's gestures and twisted to see if her . He made another futile stab at the paper and his wife tossed it angrily into the next keeping the robot until Gloria is older and I don't want the subject brought up again. of the first talking robots when it looked as if the use of robots on Earth would.

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To tax and provide for citizens all that governments provide, surely they must know who and how many they are? Determining who is a citizen and who therefore is not, has to be the primal information of the state.

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That it is even contested, that the matter goes to the courts, that a court rules against it are pages from an as-yet-unwritten Alice in Wonderland. Very much like the question of borders. Nations have borders and nations decide who shall become new citizens and who shall not. These were once accounted verities, axioms so basic that they had Euclidean standing. But principles and axioms are as free-floating balloons these days and everything can easily be determined to be the opposite of what it is.

These are strange times for Jewish socialists

It is a world in which the mob beating of a gay journalist of Vietnamese descent — under the eyes of a police force — earns the description from some quarters as a pre-emptive strike against white supremacy and racism. As said, a strange world. In age, memory grows fallible, but in my twilight I seem to recall a time — or is it a dream?

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Death Cheaters and Draft Dodgers

Rex Murphy. Filed under Full Comment. Count 'em and get their coin would be the colloquial rendering.

In a lengthy interview, Alek Minassian detailed a mission to cause mass casualties as part of the rebellion of the 'involuntary celibate', a violent ideology known as incel for short. Toronto police consulted with other agencies, including the RCMP, and private security firms. Stephen D Thomas. Jan Schebeko. John Loughney. Space Time.

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Ian Gardiner. Gordon Seth. Marco Bruns. Edward McSheffrey.

Colin Lawlor. Picnic Boy.

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Nuno Rosa. Purchasable with gift card. Includes unlimited streaming of Strange Times Sold Out. Mad Jack Caution Tears Soul In Isolation Swamp Thing Seriocity In Answer Childhood I'll Remember Recorded live in Preston, England in December - Mark Burgess and his newest incarnation of post punk legends 'The Chameleons' - arguably the best band to come out of Manchester, - playing in full their classic 3rd album Strange Times, originally recorded on Geffen