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Ji Chang Wook's Gentle Forehead Ji Chang Wook's Love Confession Trailers 1. Share your review. Whirlwinds occur all over the world and in any season. Whirlwinds are subdivided into two main types, the great or major whirlwinds, and the lesser or minor whirlwinds.

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The first category includes tornadoes , waterspouts , and landspouts. The range of atmospheric vortices constitute a continuum and are difficult to categorize definitively.

Some lesser whirlwinds may sometimes form in a similar manner to greater whirlwinds with related increase in intensity. These intermediate types include the gustnado and the fire whirl. Other lesser whirlwinds include dust devils , as well as steam devils , snow devils , debris devils, leaf devils or hay devils, water devils, and shear eddies such as the mountainado and eddy whirlwinds.

A major whirlwind such as a tornado is formed from supercell thunderstorms the most powerful type of thunderstorm or other powerful storms. When the storms start to spin, they react with other high altitude winds, causing a funnel to spin.

A cloud forms over the funnel, making it visible. A minor whirlwind is created when local winds start to spin on the ground.

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This causes a funnel to form. The funnel moves over the ground, pushed by the winds that first formed it. The funnel picks up materials such as dust or snow as it moves over the ground, thus becoming visible.

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Major whirlwinds last longer because they are formed from very powerful winds, and it is hard, though not impossible, to interrupt them. Minor whirlwinds are not as long-lived; the winds that form them do not last long, and when a minor whirlwind encounters an obstruction a building , a house , a tree , etc. Supercell thunderstorms, other powerful storms, and strong winds are seen with major whirlwinds. Wind storms are commonly seen with minor whirlwinds. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript.

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A Nature Research Journal. As meteorologists appear to be taking much interest in whirlwinds and waterspouts, you will perhaps allow me to offer you a few notes respecting a whirlwind that passed over a mountainous part of Northumberland on April 14, , and left indisputable evidence of the direction in which it revolved, a fact of some importance, and one in general so difficult to ascertain, that after much research I have never yet wet with a description of either whirlwind or waterspout that can be considered satisfactory in this respect.

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